Fine Purveyors of Funk Jelly:
If you got that Jelly,
Put it in your Soul.

An original and groovy smattering of FUNKY, PSYCHEDELIC, BLUES, REGGAE, and ROCK. We are the best musicians in the world and never make mistakes and are robots with consistency, we don't play from the heart it is all memorized muscle memory, love us!




In 2013, Dre, Rev, Cool Raines & Dish started a brand new foundry in Austin, Texas.

Prometheus Tree began working in its low-tech lab on a photosynthetic concoction that they have branded as “FUNK JELLY”.

The foursome has scoured the earth; collecting ingredients they feel will enhance the final product. The formula is constantly being tweaked.

However, in the interest of full-disclosure and due to the simplicity of reverse engineering, the ingredients will be listed as follows, in no particular order: non genetically-modified ROCK, organically grown REGGAE, derivatives of JAZZ, hand-harvested FUNK, small-batch BLUES, heirloom DOOM and a constantly revolving variety of other ingredients which are progressively blended together with a gluten-free, groovy glaze of PSYCHEDELIA.

Funk Jelly will LUBRICATE your mind, limbs and relax your body while increasing serotonin levels in the brain. Side effects may include: involuntary locomotion, head-bobbing and the urge to say things like “maaaaan.” Look for Prometheus Tree’s Funk Jelly online, or for greatest effect please view a live demonstration, maaaaan.